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Nursha Project™ |

Nursha is a small creative enterprise designed around principles of creative economics, local growth, and network based scale. It is an enterprise with an established track record for double bottom line impact, achieving social and financial returns via micro-funding and sweat equity investments.

Nursha’s structure is a product of design and necessity. It is an open network-based business model for partnering with local neighborhood venues. The model succeeds by utilizing design and technology tools to create combined performance and concept development space. Nursha’s open structure motivates co-created experiences, in which audience and artist may show up with an expectation of meeting individual needs, but leave with a sense of community. Nursha’s ability to create and sustain its market depends on repeatably enabling this environment of creative exchange.

Nursha Project is Sponsored by Fronde Baliste.


Alliance for Artist Communities | Nursha Project™ Fiscal Sponsor
The Alliance gives a collective voice on behalf of its members, small and large, that leverages support for the field as a whole; promotes successful practices in the field; and advocates for creative environments that support the work of today’s artists.

Nursha Project is an Alliance for Artists Communities Emerging Program.

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