Corvida Raven

Corvida4A Technology & Social Media Blogger, Speaker, and Consultant, Corvida Raven is a catalyst and force to be reckoned with in tech. As a noted Influential Woman in Technology in FastCompany, Corvida demonstrates a clear and contagious passion for connecting people with technology on

I help people understand how to apply these amazing new technologies, in plain English.

Corvida is also the co-founder of EverythingTwitter and The SocialGeeks Podcast. Her talents have been used by industry leading brands such as ReadWriteWeb, Guidewire Group, The Industry Standard, Mr. Tweet, and FastCompany. No stranger to the conference circuit, Corvida continues to speaking on the truth’s, and tricks, to social media, web apps, and blogging.

I love connecting the tools with the audience in person. You should see their faces when it dawns on them the power that they have and only needed a little guidance to starting using.”