“What do you see ? Who are you? Who am I? Woman? Man? Both? Neither?   What makes a girl?  What makes a boy?  Is it about the clothes you wear?  Your body?  Your movements? What if we were free from birth to express ourselves the way we want, instead of our gender expression, or any other expression being chosen for us before we are even born?  Find peace within your own unique expression.” – milDRED Gerestant – ACTRESS, Progressive Haitian-American, Humanitarian, performance-artist, poet, comedian, activist, educator, healer, philanthropist, Spirit.

The milDred Love Experience is a blend of comedy, poetry, dance, music, activism, monologue, cultural history, Spirit, expression, and education. Experience a short milDred interview at

Writer Cheryl Burke says, “milDRED Gerestant performs a particularly mystical form of one woMan show.  Her act is less a typical impersonation and more a challenge to societal ideas of what it means to be male or female, while reminding the audience that there’s some of each in everyone. It’s no surprise that milDRED’s motto  is  ” Love all of who you are…” Appearing around New York City and abroad, the Haitian-American actress  is the creator of “The milDred Love Experience“, a performance/workshop which combines a series of art forms such as poetry, music and monologue to help participants question gender stereotypes and ruminate on their own identities. She describes the show as “a progressive, funky, fly,supernatural-high, poetic, thought-provoking, Haitian-American, and musical performance on gender-fluidity and freedom.”Turning her inimitable art into action, milDred has also developed a gender sensitivity workshop that she is looking to share with everyone from police departments to schools to survivors of domestic abuse.”

For people to be able to express their selves – without worrying about if society will accept them or not – is why I do my work.  I, milDRED Gerestant, the artist formerly known as DRED, am a woman known all over the world for my infamous female and male characters, including my unique impersonations of P. Diddy, Haitian God Baron Samedi, Shaft, Osun, and Grace Jones. For the past 14 years, since 1995, I have been performing and doing workshops all over the world, using my performance art/acting work as a catalyst for change in the way all people of all ages experience their selves and each other, no matter what issues they are dealing with.