Red Summer

NPA_RS_Image NPws  CompressedAyanna Muhammad aka Red Summer, is an activist, educator, entrepreneur, writer, poet and performance artist who coined the empowering affirmation, “I am not a loose woman…I am a woman on the loose.” Red Summer is a native of Chicago whose entrepreneurial drive for success recently moved her to the Atlanta area where she continues to water her dreams. She is the founder of Two Fingers Press Publishing Company and the executive director of Verbal Remedies- an organization that empowers and mentors young people through creative programming and self esteem workshops around topics such as; college readiness, life-skills, entrepreneurship, social history/activism and career education. Her life is an open journey of success that mirrors the every day woman’s trials, tribulations and victories. She is a quintessential teacher, leader and performer that uses the stage to give voice to those who have been silenced and shines light on issues of injustices beyond our darkest imagination. She uses the power of her pen and the power of words to articulate, captivate, educate, motivate and activate. She is definitely a diva and her unselfish journey through life has challenged her audiences to redefine their place in this world. Red Summer’s book, First Person and performance CD, Shades of Red, may be ordered by visiting . To read her blog, visit or request more information about the Verbal Remedies Workshops, visit