“Children of the Last Days” lastdays 200x300 Projects

Written and Performed by Thandiwe Thomas deShazor

Directed by Norman Gee

Produced by Shalonda Ingram

A Nursha Project Production

Notable Quotes

“Afro Solo won’t be ‘Last Days’ for gifted performer!”

Kevin Thomas,

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East Bay Express

The Berkeley Daily Planet

lawtf2009miciamosely 300x300 Projects “Where My Girls At?”

Written and Performed by Micia Mosely

Directed by Tamilla Woodard

Produced by Shalonda Ingram

A Nursha Project Production

Notable Quotes

Where My Girls At? , written and performed by the talented Micia Mosely, is a laugh-out-loud comedy that pushes the envelope in too many ways to describe… Where My Girls At? is a great night out and a shining example of what a talented and flexible mind can do when given the freedom.”

-New York Amsterdam News

“Where My Girls At? was a rich multi-layered experience that provided a dissertation into being black and lesbian including having the audience rate by applause which of the “contestants” was the most black, which was the most “womanly” and which was the most “lesbian”. I didn’t stop laughing during this whirlwind performance by an extremely talented artist.  As a matter of fact it wasn’t until I sat down to write this review that I noticed the “medicine” of this show was so cleverly hidden in the candy.”

-D.C. Theatre Scene

Awards and Recognitions

2009 New York Innovative Theater Award Nominee for Best Solo Performance

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DC Theatre Scene

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