Queer Art Impact and Future Perfect Team Up

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Queer Art Impact and Future Perfect


Next Life & The Idiot

Thursday, March 3rd @ 9:30pm

Tickets: $7

Register for Queer Art Impact & Future Perfect present  NEXT LIFE &THE IDIOT in New York, NY  on Eventbrite

The Tank

354 West 45th Street, New York City

For reservations, call 212-563-6269.

One of the most exciting and radical music ensembles and shows to come out of Norway in recent years, “Next Life” barrels into New York for a mini concert tour hosted by two of New York’s hotbeds of experimentation. Co-produced by Queer Art Impact and Ideal Glass in association with Future Perfect, Next Life’s New York coming out takes place at The Tank on Thursday March 3 at 9:30pm.

Featuring the composer and stage artist Hai Nguyen Dinh on guitars, and Tormod Christensen on keyboard and samples, Next Life’s central interest is discovering the musical potential of mixing the alternative sounds of hardcore music with gaming technology.

To hear some samples, click on the following links:

Next Life


Music Sample Next Life – Artificial Divinity


The Idiot

IDIOT SAYS YES. The Idiot is an electro-drama pop singer and queer performing artist. His beats are strong, his rights are wrong. Check out the blog for sights, sounds, upcoming shows, and the occasional douchebag essay, and get into what people are calling “Sondheim on Ecstasy But More Gay.”