Queer Art Impact and Future Perfect Team Up

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Queer Art Impact and Future Perfect

present:   headerphoto 300x222 Queer Art Impact and Future Perfect Team Up

Next Life & The Idiot

Thursday, March 3rd @ 9:30pm

Tickets: $7

 Queer Art Impact and Future Perfect Team Up

The Tank

354 West 45th Street, New York City

For reservations, call 212-563-6269.

One of the most exciting and radical music ensembles and shows to come out of Norway in recent years, “Next Life ” barrels into New York for a mini concert tour hosted by two of New York’s hotbeds of experimentation. Co-produced by Queer Art Impact and Ideal Glass in association with Future Perfect , Next Life’s New York coming out takes place at The Tank on Thursday March 3 at 9:30pm.

Featuring the composer and stage artist Hai Nguyen Dinh on guitars, and Tormod Christensen on keyboard and samples, Next Life’s central interest is discovering the musical potential of mixing the alternative sounds of hardcore music with gaming technology.

To hear some samples, click on the following links:

Next Life Next life Pressphoto 08 224x300 Queer Art Impact and Future Perfect Team Up


Music Sample Next Life – Artificial Divinity


The Idiot

IDIOT SAYS YES. The Idiot is an electro-drama pop singer and queer performing artist. His beats are strong, his rights are wrong. Check out the blog for sights, sounds, upcoming shows, and the occasional douchebag essay, and get into what people are calling “Sondheim on Ecstasy But More Gay.”

Come As You Are: Take a Sex Survey!

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Logo QueerArtImpact SMALL Come As You Are: Take a Sex Survey! We are excited about the launch of Queer Art Impact and are grateful to all the folks who supported the week-long installation of Come As You Are , NYC! To follow the journey or to engage in the exploration of the intersection between arts, politics & action, you may visit www.queerai.com .  As we continue to develop our programs and services, we look forward to your participation.

Also, we encourage you to visit Come As You Are Online at www.comeasyouareonline.org as part of the national initiative to celebrate queer sexual values. Learn, Discuss, and Take the Come As You Are Online Poll!

Have you ever wondered: CAYA10 400x200 Come As You Are: Take a Sex Survey!

  • How your values shape your view on queer sex?
  • How your sex life shape your values?

Take the COME AS YOU ARE : SEX SURVEY and find out!

To view images of QAI’s inaugural event, Come As You Are, NYC , see below: Queer Art Impact : Come As You Are, NYC  Quadroon Ball

Photo by Mia Monee Photography, Cabaret Cataplexy’s Quadroon Ball produced by Queer Art Impact, A Nursha Project 2010

Queer Art Impact: Come As You Are, NYC: Les Salonnieres Pool Party

Photo by Mia Monee Photography, Les Salonnaires Pool Party produced by Queer Art Impact & Adam Aleksander, 2010

Nursha Project Artist milDRED in Come As You Are, NYC

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Join us in celebrating Queer Sex at Come As You Are, NYC at the Main Stage Event at The Tank!


Featuring performances by vocalist, composer, performance artist Charlie Demos. Get wet to the unwavering sounds of artist Baron, pleasure your senses with the intel-lectable “Busty Kitten,” and intoxicate your spirit with the mystical formations of milDRED at this queer arts main-stage event.  Part of a week-long festival, Come As You Are: NYC (September 27 – October 3, 2010), Queer Art Impact presents this eclectic showcase as an inquiry into the status of post-Stonewall sexual values. Artists also include dirty gay boy Mathew Heggem, and a piercing installation by Boston-based Xray Aims.

Lighting & Sound Design by NPA Moira Cutler


Friday, October 1st, 2010 @ 9:30pm

The Tank

354 West 45th Street, New York City (Between 8th and 9th Avenues)

Subway: A,C,E to 42nd Street/Time Square — Tickets: $10

For more information, click here .

Queer Art Impact

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Stay tuned as  Mat Heggem , Brooklyn-based Artistic Director and Curator of Bushed/Gay Wars, and Nursha Project Founder, Logo QueerArtImpact SMALL Queer Art Impact Shalonda Ingram, launch their newest initiative, Queer Art Impact .

What is Queer Art Impact?

Queer Art Impact (QAI) explores the conversation between politics, art and action. The New York City-based initiative is intended to bring together individuals and organizations who self-identify their body of work as queer. By supporting artists whose works challenge the hetero-normative, QAI seeks to embrace queerness and create opportunities for all artists – living in the political and social fringe – to move to the center.

QAI is about action and re-action . It’s the motivation to do something and to speak out . This action/reaction takes the form of art, politic gesture, youth engagement, community movement, education, and business training with/by/for queers.

QAI features performances, cabarets, parties, panel discussions and networking events that occur throughout the year, culminating in an annual spring festival where QAI commissioned works are premiered. Subsequent discourse catapults the community into a Summer of Inspired Pride — S.I.P. – a Rooftop WrrkQ P(art)y on the regs!

We accept applications on an ongoing basis, and are especially looking for those who want to build on-going communications with their fellow queers. Upon receipt and approval of materials, the artist will be included on our website, provided access to www.wrrkq.com (coming soon), and may be curated and/or commissioned for QAI events throughout the year.

QAI welcomes partnerships and shared programming proposals from educators, community organizers, and other arts entities.

What is WrrkQ?

WrrkQ is about sharing resources, creating opportunities, developing collaborative relationships, keeping communications open, and providing a physical & virtual space to meet individuals who share the same motivation for their queer agendas.  But, it’s also about the business side too — having your needs met and understanding the systems that need to be in place to make the wrrkq happen.

WrrkQ includes a monthly gathering hosted by a QAI artist and a quarterly newsletter on relevant artist resources for the queer community. Stay tuned for more information about www.wrrkq.com .

Queer Art Impact Resources

To stay abreast of queer resources, click the QAI Resource Guide:

International Conceptualizations of Queerness: A Resource Guide

Connect with QAI on Facebook and keep your social streams as open as you icon wink Queer Art Impact


Twitter hastag #wrrkq and follow @queerai

Upcoming Events

“A Cocktail of Glamour and Anarchy”

Monday, February 14th, 2011 @ 9:30pm

The Tank

354 West 45th Street, New York City

A fun-filled musical odyssey with Rumi Missabu of the fabulous Cockettes

co-hosted by Warhol Superstar Agosto Machado

Rumi 198x300 Queer Art Impact

Hibiscus and Rumi Missabu in Pearls Over Shanghai. Ross Alley, Chinatown, San Francisco 1970 Photo by David Wise

with special guests from the New York Underground hip elite including:

Eugene Soldatov

Joey Kipp

Ferrin Solano

Emily McGowan

Mathew Heggem

Jarvis Earnshaw

Rachel Mason

Max Vernon

Charlie Demos

Mark Golamco

Nicholas Gorham

& directly from Paris, French dance sensation Francois Chaignaud

This just in…Glam-rock wearable art designer Bill Bowers who has dressed everyone from the Rolling Stones to Led Zeppelin to the New York Dolls to Alice Cooper will present his incredible new collection

Additional performers TBA

For additional info: cocketterumi@gmail.com

Nursha Project Launches New Partnership

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Coming soon….

Join Nursha Project as it partners with Mat Heggem on a new initiative, Queer Arts Impact . QAI will feature programs such as Come As You Are (New York) , a series around queer sex, among other flavorful, eye-opening, jaw-dropping, colorful events.

Stay tuned for more details… CAYA10 Nursha Project Launches New Partnership