The Paul Robeson Project

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Ever heard of Paul Robeson?

Paul Robeson was one of the most internationally renowned and celebrated figures of the twentieth century. Yet, this all-American athlete, Ivy League-educated lawyer, Award-winning actor, record-breaking singer, and highly-decorated social activist was erased from history books due to his unrelenting advocacy for labor rights and racial equality during the McCarthy era. In this provocative and timely new look at his extraordinary life, actress Kim Howard portrays Robeson in his own words as a human being confronting enormous obstacles and achieving unprecedented success. Howard’s theatrical solo performance and innovative multi-media lecture demonstration re-introduces Robeson’s legacy and his uniquely American story to a new generation of audiences.

Performed by Kim Howard

Developed and Directed by Mimi McGurl

A Nursha Project Production

To learn more about this production, click here for a Velvet Park interview with Mimi McGurl, Developer and Director of the piece.