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As Nursha Project expands, our work continues to touch the lives of artists, community organizations, local businesses, and the constituents we serve. We are grateful to the collaborators in our network and their on-going support!

“I am just amazed by the beautiful energy and pure magic that was created today… The wonderful ‘Wonder Twins’, Mona, and your beautiful gift to the world. I am deeply thankful.”

-Anna Christy; Young Women’s Health Leadership Summit, University of California, San Francisco

“…Sadly my website is down. Luckily, I know how to work collaboratively (shout out to project-based learning, dyads, and group assessments!) For more information about my upcoming shows, you can always go to http://nurshaproject.com and click on Micia Mosely-Artist News. Thanks for your support and I’ll see you in person or online.”

Micia Mosely; Actress, Comedian, Educator, Nursha Project Artist

“…I didn’t stop laughing during this whirlwind performance by an extremely talented artist. As a matter of fact it wasn’t until I sat down to write this review that I noticed the ‘medicine’ of this show was so cleverly hidden in the candy…”

Porscha Coleman; DC Theatre Scene

The work you’re doing is extremely profound. People who are good at what they do often forget to give back to the communities that support them; your presence here today turns that notion on its head, and we’re thankful for the investment you’re making by being here.

Shirley Torho;  Hike the Heights VI, City Life Is Moving Bodies–Columbia University Medical Center

“Thank you so much for the Nursha Project “An Exploration of Vision & Voice” workshop you recently presented to the UCSF Center of Excellence in Women’s Health’s Youth Steering Committee (YSC). It was powerful and transformative for all involved … YSC members reflected that they had learned from you not only how to express themselves and find voice, but also how to support others in finding voice. They decided that this experience would be powerful for their peers as well. You serve as a powerful example of a woman who has found her voice. It is always a delight to work with the women involved with Nursha Project. We are grateful that you use your considerable gifts and talents to make a difference in the lives of young women.”

-Anna Christie & Judy Young (National Center of Excellence in Women’s Health, UCSF; Young Women’s Health Leadership Summit) on RaMona Webb, Nursha Project Collaborator