“Where My Girls At?” Celebrates 5th Anniversary in Home of Inception

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“Where My Girls At?” returns home to Oakland, California to celebrate its 5th Anniversary!

“Where My Girls At?” is a “thoughtful, provocative, and insanely funny” one woman show written and performed by the “multi-talented” Micia Mosely. Portraying five drastically different characters representing the diversity of Black lesbian experiences, Micia challenges the notion that there is only one way to be Black or queer in the 21st century.

A phenomenal one hour performance steeped in improv and audience participation, Where My Girls At? has thrilled audiences across the country from San Francisco, Detroit and New York to Amherst, Chapel Hill and Honolulu. A New York Innovative Theater Award Nominee, the show, while hilarious, continues to tackle difficult issues including inter and intra-group racism, sexism, and homophobia.

Written & Performed by Micia Mosely

Directed by Tamilla Woodard

Musical Score by RiMarkible Things Music

Produced by Shalonda Ingram

A Nursha Project Production


Saturday, November 12th, 2011; 7:30-9:30pm

Sunday, November 13th, 2011; 3:00-5:00pm

Oakland School of the Arts

530 18th Street

Oakland, CA 94612


$15 if you purchase tickets by Oct. 31, 2011

$12.50 Group Rates

$20 Advance Tickets

$25 Tickets at the door

To purchase tickets, click here

To read a recent review of the performance by D.C. Theatre Scene, click here:


Vulgar Tongues: An Exploration of the Anima/Animus Within Us

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Charlie Demos & Queer Art Impact present:


An exploration of how the Anima/Animus manifest themselves inside each of us. Queer, subversive, uncensored, and highly entertaining, Vulgar Tongues is an multi-media molotov cocktail thrown in the face of misogyny, commercial gay culture,and the identity crisis of the homogenized majority in the United States.

Image: Bruce X Wells


Charlie Demos
Brandon Bartling
Busty Kitten
Saeed Jones
Kristen Tabbutt

with a video from special guest:


Friday, September 23, 2011


Bluestockings Bookstore, Cafe, and Activist Center

172 Allen Street

New York, NY 10002


Phone: 212.777.6028

For more information, click here.

Queer Art Impact Celebrates Gay Wars: The Queer Ecology

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Join Queer Art Impact in celebrating its one year anniversary with Gay Wars: The Queer Ecology. Gay Wars is back with a vengeance and full of pre-Pride hotness. The week-long festival of performances, panels, and meet-ups to unravel the queerness of human interaction is sure to please! For more information, visit queerai.com

May 15TH-21ST, 2011 in NEW YORK CITY


This QAI Brunch Series’ think-tank a la celebration is invite-only; Guests will net-wrrkq for this monthly series. It is an intimate gathering to celebrate/lubricate the work of queer strategists, innovators, and creators to build a strong QAI movement.


Abrons Art Center in the Underground Theater
466 Grand Street
New York, NY 10002

A QAI promoted event, “Starving Artist” vs. Entrepreneur is part of ERPA: The Next Gen Debate Series with The Field (www.thefield.org). Debaters include Morgan von Prelle Pecelli, Jean Ann Douglass, Catherine Peila and Queer Art Impact co-founder, Shalonda Ingram. Moderated by Andy Horwitz.

Is the language we use around the arts helping or hurting? Do you pay yourself a living wage to make your work? Do you value your work as something that needs to happen? Does “non-profit” equal art-as-charity, a luxury commodity, a non-necessity? Does it support entrepreneurship? How does this language help art-makers to be seen, fundraise and be recognized as important and critical?


890 Broadway, Fifth Floor
New York, NY 10003
Register for Queer Art Impact presents Gay Wars: The Thursday Conversation in New York, NY  on Eventbrite

A FREE evening of conversation across creative disciplines and queer expertise; Moderated by activist, writer, and educator Brian McCormick; Panelists include organizers for QUEEROCRACY: a non-normative grassroots organization working to promote social justice and fight the global AIDS crisis through direct action, advocacy, and education.


354 West 45th Street
New York, NY 10036
Register for Queer Art Impact presents Gay Wars: The Thursday Conversation in New York, NY  on Eventbrite

Music series featuring Brooklyn’s own Melissa Li, NJ/FLorida’s finest Bard & Mustache, and the notorious QAI superstar Charlie Demos! Hosted by last-months QAI elec­tro­drama pop thang, the IDIOT a.k.a. Theodor Wilson.


354 West 45th Street
New York, NY 10036
Register for Queer Art Impact presents Gay Wars: The Saturday Show in New York, NY  on Eventbrite

Main-stage featuring Shelly Mars’ Homo Bonobo Project.

The Homo Bonobo Project is a multimedia presentation by the globe-trotting Belgian primatologist Dr. Ghislaine Pussait, as played by her creator Shelly Mars, AKA the “after-hours Lily Tomlin.”

Oh, and isn’t Sarah Palin gonna be there ;-?


161A Chrystie Street
New York, NY 10002
Register for Queer Art Impact presents Gay Wars: Bulldyke Chronicles in New York, NY  on Eventbrite

Late-night series at Bulldyke Chronicles with Shelly Mars including QAI/Nursha artist Micia Mosely.

Queer Art Impact Collaborator Charlie Demos ‘Sharpens the DAGGER for Public Access’

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Queer Art Impact Collaborator, Charlie Demos was recently interviewed by NEXT Magazine to discuss his new initiative, “The Dagger.” The singer/songwriter/multimedia artist and now producer, embarked on this creative journey in hopes of creating a queer public access show that would provide the community with an edgier alternative to the mainstream. To read the interview in its entirety, click here. The 28-minute episodes of “The Dagger” airs Fridays at 1am on MNN 2 Channel 56 Manhattan Public Access Television. The show will also stream live on the MNN website in case you miss it!

Charlie also sat down with Queer Art Impact co-founders, Mathew Heggem and Shalonda Ingram for 365 4 5 on the topic, “Queer Ecology and Promoting Selflessness.” To watch the interview, click below!

Queer Ecology: Promoting Selflessness from Mathew Heggem on Vimeo.

Queer Art History Drips in Glitter!

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Join Queer Art Impact in celebrating and making some Queer History as we bring you:

The Fabulous Cockettes

Queer Art Impact presents:

A Cocktail of Glamour & Anarchy

with Rumi Missabu of the Fabulous Cockettes

Monday, February 14th, 2011 @ 9:30 pm

The Tank

354 West 45th Street, New York City

Tickets: Suggested Donation of $7 to help support the artists

Click here for more details!

“As the psychedelic San Francisco of the ’60?s began evolving into the gay San Francisco of the ’70?s, The Cockettes, a flamboyant ensemble of hippies (women, gay men, and babies) decked themselves out in gender-bending drag and tons of glitter…” READ MORE.


“Insanity becomes reality, fantasy becomes truth.”
Village Voice 1971

“Of course it was political, but no one among verbalized it. We had no need of rhetoric. We were madcap chefs cooking up a storm and the ingredients were magic and tribal anarchy.”
Martin Worman

Gay Spirit: Myth and Meaning

“What’s so marvelous is that they look happy, truly happy, and that’s so rare these days, don’t you think?”
Diana Vreeland
Village Voice

“I think I’m performing Gay Liberation through my art.”
Rolling Stone 1970

We Are Singing Songs of the South

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Queer Art Impact presents Cabaret Cataplexy:

Songs of the South

Following the 2010 holy holidays, the cementing of resolutions anew and the national celebration of MLK we deliver the first 2011 dose of Cabaret Cataplexy! This 3D rendition, carefully themed Songs of the South is one part variety, two parts dance party with major irreverence and a touch of racial inappropriateness.  Expect to be titillated and transformed. For more information, click here.


Monday, January 24th, 2011 @ 8:30pm

Doors at 8pm

Haven, NYC

244 East 51st Street (between 2nd and 3rd Aves.)

Tickets: $15 Online; $20 @ Door

21 and Finer; ID Required

Register for Queer Art Impact presents Cabaret Cataplexy's Songs of the South in New York, United States  on Eventbrite

Queer Art Impact

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Stay tuned as Mat Heggem, Brooklyn-based Artistic Director and Curator of Bushed/Gay Wars, and Nursha Project Founder, Shalonda Ingram, launch their newest initiative, Queer Art Impact.

What is Queer Art Impact?

Queer Art Impact (QAI) explores the conversation between politics, art and action. The New York City-based initiative is intended to bring together individuals and organizations who self-identify their body of work as queer. By supporting artists whose works challenge the hetero-normative, QAI seeks to embrace queerness and create opportunities for all artists – living in the political and social fringe – to move to the center.

QAI is about action and re-action. It’s the motivation to do something and to speak out. This action/reaction takes the form of art, politic gesture, youth engagement, community movement, education, and business training with/by/for queers.

QAI features performances, cabarets, parties, panel discussions and networking events that occur throughout the year, culminating in an annual spring festival where QAI commissioned works are premiered. Subsequent discourse catapults the community into a Summer of Inspired Pride — S.I.P. – a Rooftop WrrkQ P(art)y on the regs!

We accept applications on an ongoing basis, and are especially looking for those who want to build on-going communications with their fellow queers. Upon receipt and approval of materials, the artist will be included on our website, provided access to www.wrrkq.com (coming soon), and may be curated and/or commissioned for QAI events throughout the year.

QAI welcomes partnerships and shared programming proposals from educators, community organizers, and other arts entities.

What is WrrkQ?

WrrkQ is about sharing resources, creating opportunities, developing collaborative relationships, keeping communications open, and providing a physical & virtual space to meet individuals who share the same motivation for their queer agendas.  But, it’s also about the business side too — having your needs met and understanding the systems that need to be in place to make the wrrkq happen.

WrrkQ includes a monthly gathering hosted by a QAI artist and a quarterly newsletter on relevant artist resources for the queer community. Stay tuned for more information about www.wrrkq.com.

Queer Art Impact Resources

To stay abreast of queer resources, click the QAI Resource Guide:

International Conceptualizations of Queerness: A Resource Guide

Connect with QAI on Facebook and keep your social streams as open as you 😉


Twitter hastag #wrrkq and follow @queerai

Upcoming Events

“A Cocktail of Glamour and Anarchy”

Monday, February 14th, 2011 @ 9:30pm

The Tank

354 West 45th Street, New York City

A fun-filled musical odyssey with Rumi Missabu of the fabulous Cockettes
co-hosted by Warhol Superstar Agosto Machado

Hibiscus and Rumi Missabu in Pearls Over Shanghai. Ross Alley, Chinatown, San Francisco 1970 Photo by David Wise

with special guests from the New York Underground hip elite including:
Eugene Soldatov
Joey Kipp
Ferrin Solano
Emily McGowan
Mathew Heggem
Jarvis Earnshaw
Rachel Mason
Max Vernon
Charlie Demos
Mark Golamco
Nicholas Gorham

& directly from Paris, French dance sensation Francois Chaignaud

This just in…Glam-rock wearable art designer Bill Bowers who has dressed everyone from the Rolling Stones to Led Zeppelin to the New York Dolls to Alice Cooper will present his incredible new collection

Additional performers TBA

For additional info: cocketterumi@gmail.com