Where My Girls At?

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“Where My Girls At?” is a “thoughtful, provocative, and insanely funny” one woman show written and performed by the “multi-talented” Micia Mosely. Portraying five drastically different characters representing the diversity of Black lesbian experiences, Micia challenges the notion that there is only one way to be Black or queer in the 21st century. A phenomenal one hour performance steeped in improv and audience participation, Where My Girls At? has thrilled audiences across the country from San Francisco, Detroit and New York to Amherst, Chapel Hill and Honolulu. A New York Innovative Theater Award Nominee, the show, while hilarious, continues to tackle difficult issues including inter and intra-group racism, sexism, and homophobia.

Written & Performed by Micia Mosely

Directed by Tamilla Woodard

Produced by Shalonda Ingram

A Nursha Project Production

To view D.C. Theatre Scene’s article on Micia’s most recent performance of Where My Girls At? at the 2010 D.C. Hip Hop Theater Festival, click here.

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Born Brown: All Rights Reserved

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Born Brown: All Rights Reserved® is a social enterprise agency that promotes understanding and collaboration among people of color with various origins.  Throughout the world, indigenous people and people of color outside of their ancestral homelands are exposed to visual and auditory imagery that pierces the subconscious, creates internalized oppression & racism while furthering their experience of discord in the global society.

Bb:ARR® aspires to liberate activists, educators, youth and elders by countering oppressive media with messaging that evokes self-acceptance and self-love. Ultimately, Bb:ARR® exists as a catalyst for education, solidarity, and the exercise of Universal Human Rights.

Learn more about Bb:ARR® via www.bornbrown.org

Micia Mosely

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Micia Mosely: Actor & Playwright

Micia Mosely has been an entertainer her whole life.  She fuses a unique blend of hipness, humor, political astuteness, and versatility in all of her performances.

Micia’s desire to surpass the boundaries of the ordinary led to her create “Sistahfriends: A Black Lesbian Puppet Experience” and to co-found Nappy Grooves, an all-Black drag king troupe.

During the past 10 years, she has displayed her perfect comedic timing through stand up and as an emcee for numerous events throughout the nation.

In May of 2006, Micia joined forces with Nursha ProjectTM and debuted her one-woman show, “Where My Girls At?: A Comedic Look at Black Lesbians. A Nursha Project Production, “Where My Girls At?” is written and performed by Micia Mosely, directed by Tamilla Woodard, and produced by Shalonda Ingram.

Micia is currently touring nationally; performing stand up comedy, acting and public speaking.

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