Born Brown: All Rights Reserved ®


Born Brown: All Rights Reserved® is a social enterprise agency that promotes understanding and collaboration among people of color with various origins.  Throughout the world, indigenous people and people of color outside of their ancestral homelands are exposed to visual and auditory imagery that pierces the subconscious, creates internalized oppression & racism while furthering their experience of discord in the global society.

Bb:ARR® aspires to liberate activists, educators, youth and elders by countering oppressive media with messaging that evokes self-acceptance and self-love. Ultimately, Bb:ARR® exists as a catalyst for education, solidarity, and the exercise of Universal Human Rights.

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“Children of the Last Days”


“Children of the Last Days” is written and performed by Thandiwe Thomas De Shazor. It is a comedy show that aims to satirize Black church culture and the contradictions therein. So bring your Good Sunday Clothes, Your Tambourine, Your Church Fan and Your Sense of Humor!  Get Ready! Get Ready! Get Ready!

Written & performed by Thandiwe Thomas DeSchazor

Directed by Norman Gee

Produced by Shalonda Ingram

A Nursha Project Production

Get Into It

Join Nursha Project in launching our newest production, Get Into It ! Written and produced in a talk-show format, Get Into It will delve into top ics relating to health, wealth, and prosperity. The purpose of the the project is to document and share the experiences of transnational pop-culturalism in real-time through the kaleidoscope of arts, entertainment, social, political, historical, and environmental media.  Community members will be encouraged to express current and ever changing experiences that reflect their hyper-local social experiences. To learn more, click here .

Queer Art Impact

Queer Art Impact (QAI) is a new collaboration between Brooklyn-based Artistic Director, Mat Heggem and Nursha Project Founder, Shalonda Ingram. QAI explores the conversation between politics and art. The New York City-based initiative is intended to bring together individuals and organizations who self-identify their body of work as queer. By presenting artists whose works challenge the hetero-normative, QAI seeks to embrace self-identified queerness and create opportunities for all artists, living in the political and social fringe, to move to the center. Learn more about QAI .


Created by Shannyn Vicente and Shalonda Ingram, Viewpoint explores a shared desire to live into the truth of loving through and acr oss the lines of fear, anger, and mistrust. A commitment to move through the ever-evolving painful realities of the social constructs that binds, traps, and perpetuates Dis.Ease in the mind. Click here to learn more.

“Where My Girls At?”



“Where My Girls At?” is a 70-minute one-woman show written and performed by Micia Mosely, directed by Tamilla Woodard and produced by Shalonda Ingram. In it, Mosely portrays five characters representing the diversity of Black lesbian experiences, challenging the notion that there is only one way to be Black or queer in the 21st century. Each performance is unique, as the characters engage with the audience in an improvised Q&A segment. Since its inception in 2006, the show continues to tackle difficult issues like inter and intra-group racism, sexism and homophobia, while remaining accessible to different types of audiences. WMGA has thrilled audiences across the country from San Francisco, Detroit and New York to Amherst, Chapel Hill and Honolulu. The production has also been a part of several festivals including Los Angeles Women’s Theater, National Queer Arts and SoloNOVA. In 2009 Mosely’s performance in WGMA garnered a New York Innovative Theater Award nomination for for Best Solo Performance.

Written & Performed by Micia Mosely, Directed by Tamilla Woodard, Produced by Shalonda Ingram, A Nursha Project Production

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