Nursha Project

Elevate Your Space with Our Cutting-Edge Solutions

Reimagining Sacred Spaces

Are you struggling with underutilized church facilities and declining attendance?
The Nursha Project
specializes in revitalizing sacred spaces, transforming them into vibrant community hubs.

Discover Our New Stained Glass Model

Our revolutionary New Stained Glass model draws inspiration from the original purpose of stained glass in sacred spaces. In a time when many could not read, stained glass provided an inclusive and straightforward way to convey the church’s mission. It also nurtured artistic and creative ministries integral to these sacred spaces’ culture. Through collaborative engagement, we are committed to transitioning from historic domination models to welcoming, equitable, and functional environments.

Explore Equanimous Placemaking

Join our balanced placemaking journey with artists, business developers, labor advocates, community leaders, and spiritual guides dedicated to harmony and well-being. Our evolving Community of Practice ensures everyone contributes to transforming from a mere Space to a meaningful Place.

Our Proven Impact

Church of The Holy City

Washington, DC

Witness our successful rental program, generating over $500,000 in income and promising a prosperous future.

Church of The Holy City

Wilmington, Delaware

Observe the influence of our local partnerships and rental program in nurturing a vibrant network of practitioners.

Universalist National Memorial Church

Washington, DC

Explore the innovation hub we have created for social impact organizations, complete with solar panels and cutting-edge audio-visual equipment.

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church

Bronx Academy of Arts & Dance, Bronx, New York

Dive into our technical consultancy and electrical renovation work, transforming this space into an award-winning arts hub.